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Gibson USA Electric Guitar Buyer’s Guide (2019)

As one of the biggest names in the guitar world, Gibson understands the importance of balancing traditional character with modern innovation. Now, more than ever, they’re walking that line in admirable fashion. 

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Fender Stratocaster Buyer’s Guide 2019

Ask someone to name an electric guitar and the overwhelming response will be the Fender Stratocaster. Since its introduction in 1954, Leo Fender’s innovative Strat has become a worldwide icon. 

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Modeling Amps: Everything You Need To Know

A modeling amp is a type of amp that’s designed to re-create all the sonic and tonal qualities of specific existing amplifiers 

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Looper Pedals: Everything You Need To Know

More and more musicians are using the concept of “looping” to do unique live performances, regardless of the instrument they use. 

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Fuchs Amplifiers: Everything You Need to Know

FUCHS Audio is one of the finest makers of boutique amps and pedals in the USA and their assortment of gear is great for any serious guitar player looking to dial in their tone perfectly without any limits to ranger or frequency. 

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Compressor Pedal Buyers Guide

 When choosing a compressor pedal – there are many things to take into consideration, and of course, all kinds of different pedals to choose from as well. Let’s break it down: 

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